Hosts & Replicants

Zhora (Blade Runner, 1982) and Armistice (WestWorld, 2016) sporting a similar snake tattoo



Hosts, Replicants, androids, robots…call them what you wish. Considering WestWorld is layered with countless visual and musical references, it is not surprising for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) to feature among that list.

The Jinx is 2015’s True Detective

The Harrelson-McConaughey duo was always going to be a tough act to follow. Last Sunday’s finale of True Detective concluded an overall disappointing second season, which predictably never reached the highs of its predecessor. Despite its redeeming moments – most of which you would only have seen if you were brave enough to stick by past episode 5 – this L.A. Convoluted was messy in its delivery and ultimately unsatisfying. For anyone yearning for a worthy sequel, I wanted to share my appreciation for another HBO show that aired this year but went somewhat under the radar: The Jinx.

The Jinx

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