The environmental paradox behind the Tianjin explosions

From water scarcity to air pollution, without forgetting world-leading greenhouse gas emissions, China is facing a multi-faceted environmental crisis. I was able to witness the extent of the issue first hand when I studied Environmental Management at Tsinghua University in Beijing as part of a joint program with the French university Mines ParisTech. The resounding blow of the August 12th explosions in Tianjin – which killed over a hundred people – has now pulled me back to that time spent in the “Middle Kingdom”. Amidst the apparent lack of available information about the disaster and fears of cyanide pollution, a memory that stands out is my field trip to Tianjin in 2013, which highlights a revealing paradox.

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The Jinx is 2015’s True Detective

The Harrelson-McConaughey duo was always going to be a tough act to follow. Last Sunday’s finale of True Detective concluded an overall disappointing second season, which predictably never reached the highs of its predecessor. Despite its redeeming moments – most of which you would only have seen if you were brave enough to stick by past episode 5 – this L.A. Convoluted was messy in its delivery and ultimately unsatisfying. For anyone yearning for a worthy sequel, I wanted to share my appreciation for another HBO show that aired this year but went somewhat under the radar: The Jinx.

The Jinx

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